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Data set: Aluminium profiles from the 6xxx series (00.03.001)

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Aluminium profiles from the 6xxx series
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The values determined to calculate A1 A3 originate from verified process LCI inventory data form each plant A1 values were prepared considering input products characteristics based on Ecoinvent data . The carbon data for input aluminium prod uction is based on the JRS Technical Report published in 2021. The energy consumption of production and its impact on the production lines of Kety (billets, profiles) and Tychy (profiles) were separately inventoried and calculated. In accordance with Annex E of the EN 15804 + A2, a data quality assessment was performed . For technical representativeness, processes with a quality level of "very good" account for 99% of the value for climate change indicator. For geographical and time representativeness, proce sses level of "very good" is obtained. The allocation rules used for this EPD are based on general ITB PCR A. The results are the average representative of all aluminium profiles produced in Tychy and Kety. Averages are obtained through the weighted average. Allocation of impacts is done on product mass basis in both plants . Aluminium ingots production rate is 62. 51% of total production in Kety, aluminium profiles is 36.22% in Kety and 38.22% in Tychy. All impacts from aluminium ingots production are allocated in A1 module (see table 2). Minimum 99 % of the impacts from a line production were allocated to the product s covered by this declaration. Module A2 includes products specific transport of aluminium ingots from Kety to Tychy plant (39 km). Municipal wastes of the factories were allocated to module A3 . Emissions in the factories were assessed using Ecoinvent v3.8. data for energy carriers Minimum 99 input materials and 100 % energy consumption (electricity, gas, ON, heat) were inventoried in Kety and Tychy plants and were included in the calculation. In the assessment, all significant parameters from gathered production data are considered, i.e. all material used per formulation utilized thermal energy, and electric power consumption, direct production waste and available emission measurements. Tires consumption for transport was not taken into account. Substances with a percentage share of less than 1 % of total mass were excluded from the calculations. It is assumed that the total sum of omitted processes does not exceed 0 5% of all impact categories. All packaging products are excluded in the analysis. In accordance with EN 15804 machines and facilities required for and during production are excluded, as is transportation of employees.
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Grupa Kety S.A.
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This assessment covers production of 6000 series aluminium billets (6xxx alloy) that are intermediate products which feed next processing steps for the production of aluminium profile products covered by this EPD document. The production process of input material includes the melting process, pre-consumer and postconsumer scrap and primary ingots use and the following casting process. During the process, impurities are removed and alloying elements are added, if needed, to adjust the chemical composition and to reach the quality standard. Aluminium billet is used as as an input to produce extrusion profiles mainly for the building & construction sector, but also in sectors such as automobile, transportation, infrastructure, industrial design, electronics, HVAC, solar and energy or general engineering. This EPD covers a wide range of aluminum extrusion products manufactured by Kety S.A. in the form of wide variety of shapes. Aluminium profiles can be produced as standard or customer design so there is a wide variety of profiles. Therefore, the composition of the final product can also be very different between designs. This EPD covers several product groups with an average composition for LCA calculation puropses. All specific product technical data (ingots and profiles) is available at manufacturer website,
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  • EN 15804 (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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