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Data set: Acoustic panel BUDAN h500 (00.03.001)

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Acoustic panel BUDAN h500
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The values determined to calculate A1-A3 originate from verified process LCI inventory data form each plant. A1 values for inputs excluding aluminium were prepared considering input products characteristics based on Ecoinvent data. The carbon data for input aluminium production is based on valid specific EPD. The energy consumption of production and its impact on the production lines were separately inventoried and calculated. In accordance with Annex E of the EN 15804 + A2, a data quality assessment was performed. For technical representativeness, processes with a quality level of "very good" of the value for climate change indicator. The background data for the processes come from the following databases: Ecoinvent v.3.8 (mineral wool, transport, energy carriers, heat, diesel, gas, gaskets, other) and KOBiZE (Polish electricity mix and combustion factors for fuels). KOBIZE data is supplemented with Ecoinvent data on the Polish electricity mix impact where no specific indicator data is provided. Specific (LCI) data quality analysis was a part of the input data verification. The time related quality of the data used is valid (5 years). The allocation rules used for this EPD are based on general ITB PCR A. The EPD is representative for all BUDAN h500 products (production impacts are allocated to kg of all products, the same way, mass based). Allocation covers 100% of production. All impacts from aluminium production are allocated in A1 module. Minimum 99.5% input materials and 100% energy consumption (electricity, gas, LPG) were inventoried in manufacturing plant and were included in the calculation. In the assessment, all significant parameters from gathered production data are considered, i.e. all material used per formulation utilized thermal energy, and electric power consumption, direct production waste and available emission measurements. Tires consumption for transport was not taken into account. Substances with a percentage share of less than 0.1% of total mass were excluded from the calculations. It is assumed that the total sum of omitted processes does not exceed 0.5% of all impact categories. All packaging products are excluded in the analysis (considered closed loop). In accordance with EN 15804 machines and facilities required for and during production are excluded, as is transportation of employees.
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P.W. Bud-Masz Maciej Stachlewski
Technical purpose
BUDAN h500 acoustic panels are used in road construction. Noise barriers made of these panels allow to significantly reduce the traffic noise nuisance, which is emitted to the environment by road vehicles. BUDAN h500 acoustic panels can be used near roads of all classes, from motorways to local roads, bridges and overpasses, tunnel entrances and between carriageways. BUDAN h500 acoustic panels are also a material for the construction of noise barriers along railway lines. Modular design and low weight allow for the construction of noise barriers on railway embankments and in hard-to-reach places. Products can be used both near electrified railway lines as well as non-electrified routes, at transhipment sites, sidings and depots. Moreover absorbing panels are a solution for the construction of acoustic casings for industry. BUDAN h500 can be used both outside and inside buildings. They can be mounted near technological installations on roofs, as facades or as partition walls in industrial halls. BUDAN h500 acoustic panels have the following aspects: low construction cost, the efficient acoustic performance, aesthetics and availability in any color, resistance to vandalism (anti-graffiti coating), a minimum lifetime of 30 years, are made of non-combustible materials, have lightweight modular design, resistance to weathering and corrosion, a good support for climbing plants environment protection. Products are easy to install and reach by emergency services in case of any emergency. BUDANh500 acoustic panels are available in a few versions. The most popular are the following: • BUDAN h500 STANDARD – absorbing on one side • BUDAN h500 PA– absorbing on both sides BUDAN h 500 panels are equipped with own stabilizing seals, due to which they are assembled just by sliding the panel into a previously prepared structure. This solution is the economic way of assembling an acoustic panel or acoustic casing. The small weight of panels assembled in the traditional way facilitates assembling without a crane. The panels are delivered to the building site in tightly secured returnable pallets, which enables their storage or assembling directly from the car. BUDAN h500 standard is acoustic panels absorbing one-sided, with typical dimensions 0.5x5m and smaller, front wall from the noise source side is perforated, pressed aluminum sheet with a structure, rear wall - embossed aluminum sheet with a structure, filling with sound-absorbing material 50 mm thick mineral wool with glass wool veil, riveted side covers with gaskets for assembly in the structure.
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