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Data set: >B< MaxiPro press fittings (00.03.000)

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>B< MaxiPro press fittings
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The life cycle analysis of the declared products includes the Production Stage (modules A1 - A3) and modules A4, C2-C4+D ("from cradle to grave with options”) according to EN 15804 and ITB PCR A.
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The data for the LCA calculation of modules A1-A4 came from verified LCI inventory data from each plant. In accordance with Annex E of EN 15804 + A2, a data quality assessment was carried out. For technical representativeness, processes with a quality level of 'very good' represent 99% of the values for the climate change indicators. For geographical and temporal representativeness, a process evaluation level of "very good" was obtained. The allocation in this study was made in accordance with the ITB PCR A guidelines. The plant in Poznan produces semi-finished and finished products, from where they are sent to the plant in Sady. Similarly, production takes place at the plant in Cordoba from where semi-finished products are sent to the plant in Sady or finished products directly to the customer. At the plant in Sady take place assembly and packaging of semi-finished products and dispatch to customers. At the Pensnett plant, storage and dispatch to the customer take place. The input data was collected for each production site. The allocation of impacts is based on the weight of >B<MaxiPro products which is a percentage of total production and transport, it accounts for: 0,0039% at the Poznan plant, 5.25% at the Sady plant, 4.42% at the Pensnett plant and 3.45% at the Cordoba plant. Allocation to a single, representative product was made on the basis of product weight. All proceeds from raw material extraction are allocated in module A1. Production is based on alloys such as copper, brass and steel, and waste from production goes into processing (chips, pieces are sold as scrap to others). Module A2 includes the transport of raw materials,semi-finished and finished products between the production plants Poznan - Sady, Cordoba - Sady. Energy, fuel and waste deliveries for the whole production process were inventoried in module A3. A minimum of 99% of input materials and 100% of energy, water, gas and propane consumption were inventoried at the Poznan, Sady, Cordoba and Pensnett sites. All relevant parameters from the collected production data are included in the assessment, i.e. all materials used in production (including recycled raw materials), direct production waste, fuels used, electricity and gas. Substances with a percentage of less than 1% of the total mass were excluded from the calculation. It was assumed that the total sum of the omitted processes did not exceed 0.5% of the total impact categories. All packaging products were excluded from the analysis.
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IBP Instalfittings Sp. z o.o.
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>B<MaxiPro is a robust press system that can be quickly and easily applied, achieving a secure and durable connection. Compared to traditional techniques, it significantly increases cost-effectiveness due to a significant reduction in installation time and better working flexibility. The >B<MaxiPro system can be used with all hard, semi-hard and soft copper pipes (diameters from ¼" to 1 3/8 and from 6 to 28mm ") complying with EN 12735-1 or ASTM-B280, both in air conditioning and refrigeration installations. The >B<MaxiPro fittings are manufactured from refrigerated copper (UNS C12200 min 99.9% purity). They are mechanical joints with the great advantage of not requiring nitrogen purging during the connection process. They maintain earth continuity without the need for additional safety components. The >B<MaxiPro series features a three-point press system, one on each side of the notch and one press on the notch with an O-ring. In the case of connectors with diameters of 1/2" and larger, the hook further increases the resistance of the connection to the high pressure achieved in the installation. In addition, the design of the connector socket facilitates pipe insertion and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement. The >B<MaxiPro fittings consist, inter alia, of: bends, couplers, elbows, ends, reducers and tees. They are available in many different sizes - from 6 to 28 mm or from 1/4" to 1 3/8 ".
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  • EN 15804+A2 (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14025 (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 21930 (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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